You Have Failed This City

votive-for-vendetta asked: [Locked and chained meme] Alfred crossed his arms, leaning on the wall opposite of the cell he was looking into. "Heh. Looks like you got yourself into quite a predicament, Who did ya piss off this time?"



The rattling of chains could be heard as the Englishman struggled against them to no avail.  They were stronger than last time.  He was just glad the Lord wasn’t around to wax poetic again.  Arthur’s head jerked up at the voice and the tension visibly left his body as he let out a shaking laugh.  ”Oh, you know me,” he said, “I make friends everywhere I go.”

Alfred sighed happily at the mention of rain. “I love the rain.” He practically exclaimed, taking Arthur’s hand in his. “So lets go now!” His smile was wide and full of life, like a child’s smile would be. He didn’t forget that Arthur was hurt. He picked him up in his arms and made his way towards the exit.

"I know it’s cliche, but if it’s raining now, I get to do those cheesy kisses." He grinned dumbly, obviously excited. He pushed open the door, stepping through and watching it close behind him before walking ahead happily.

It never ceased to amaze him how bright Alfred’s smiles could be, his heart racing in his chest at the sight of it.  The Englishman himself loved the rain; it was like it cleansed the very air from the terrible smog that usually hung over the city.  It was beautifully refreshing.  That didn’t stop him from letting out a manly shriek as Alfred picked him up, whisking him away and carrying him out of the bar.

Arthur was sure he made some sort of protest, but he doubted Alfred was listening.  ”You’re injured, too,” he reminded, “Or did all your wounds miraculously heal in a day and a half?”  But despite all his misgivings, he wrapped his arms around Alfred’s neck for support, trying and failing to hide his smile as a soft rain began to fall.


Clark Kent or Oliver Queen
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♣ Mun is of Age, and will RP smut, among many other “controversial” things

♣ Uses mainly history, though will attempt to not contradict canon too much.

Uses an original name. (Thiel Maria Schroeder vs. Gilbert Beilschmidt)

♣ RPs in script or lit

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vintageamericanaworld asked: Hey, wait a sec, blondie - Who ya callin' a lady?



*he looks around for a moment before raising an eyebrow*

Why, you, of course.

[faux pout] Hey! I worked hard to get this makeup just right, if I blush too hard, I’ll look like a cherry! You evil mastermind, you.

[smiles] Likewise, Arthur.

Trust me, darling, your make up looks absolutely lovely.  That’s the goddamn point, love.

So, what brings you to Britain?  I must say, I’ve never seen you around before.




how did steve and nat walk around that mall with just a hoodie and not get recognized i mean if i was in that mall i would have been like “do you smell that? i smell freedom. i smell steve rogers”

[eagle screeches in the background]

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is it just me being an american or is america like the least offensive hetalia character

like all the other countries its like i could see people actually getting offended at the character of their country

then american hetalia fans are like “haha ye were fucking terrible”

i gotta be real with you i think the reason americans aren’t offended by stereotypes is because we love being talked about. 

that is the realest shit ive seen tonight wow

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shitstorm-weatherman asked: [TEXT: inglese provocante] Ehi, I have a meeting in England next week



*his heart flutters in his chest before he smiles*

[text: Lovi] Am I allowed to pick you up at the airport or is that frowned upon?

[he kisses him back and runs a hand through his hair, letting the kiss relax him]  Grazie.  I know you will, caro.  [gives his lips a quick peck]

*he smiles against Lovino’s lips, running his fingers through the Italian’s hair before taking his hand*  Then let’s go.  *he leads him into one of the compartments where they are joined by one or two other people before it starts moving*


Unseen Titanic, from the April 2012 edition of National Geographic

Top: The First Class promenade on A Deck

Middle: The single surviving davit on the Boat Deck

Bottom: The Turkish Baths, only discovered on recent dives to the wreck - the art nouveau tiles, submerged in freezing salt water under incredible pressure for over a century, are in perfect condition